Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Grand Town Hall

I bought the Grand Hotel on the 25th of September 2015 on an auction of eBay. While I prefer the colours of the Regency Hotel, I think that the Grand Hotel suits Lingondale better, and it was very, very cheap. Since I got it, I haven't known what to do with it.

It's a gorgeous building, three stories high, and I love the details, such as it being possible to slide up the windows. The balcony is also gorgeous.

But I was so unprepared for the size of it. It is massive. Absolutely massive! I can fit the main part and one "wing" into my bookcase, but when it's folded together, it's huge!

It's really gorgeous though, and the size make it look really impressive when folded out. (as you can see, I'm missing one flowerbed! D:)

There is also this issue, a hole! I don't think it's too noticeable, and I'll probably get around it by simply not taking any photos from this angle! XD I have no clue how to fix it, and it was broken before I got it.

The inside is as well huge. On one hand, that mean you can fit a lot of furniture and critters into it, but on the other the depth of it mean that the light can't fully reach into it.

Look at it, there are so many shadows and I don't know how to light things up that well! Haha! I'll find a way though, and maybe learn how to properly light all my pictures as well.

There are some paint scuffs here and there, and I don't know if I want to try my hand at repainting or just ignore the issue?

Two doors are broken. I don't mind it too much as they still fit as they should and as I collect and take photos rather than playing, it's not going to annoy me.

So what are my plans? I have always wanted the Grand Hotel to be an official building in Lingondale, the home of the mayor and his family. I see it as the main building at the end of the square of the town.
I've seen some people making the hotels into apartment blocks, and I think that's a wonderful idea! I decided to make my Hotel a building with the residential area on the 2nd and 3rd floor, and on the first floor there will be a post office and the mayors office, as well as two undecided areas. I am thinking of a reception, perhaps? Maybe an archive or library? I'm not sure, but I want to get crafty with these areas.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Time for breakfast

The weather is lovely this time of year. I think it's the perfect time to cuddle up and eat lots of yummy, warm things, that aren't as bleak as the weather is!

Here are two pictures from an upcoming story! I've decided to stop using the buildings with more than one floor for any photos other than exterior as they are impossible to light correctly!

Sunday, 23 October 2016

The Osborne Bear Family

Arthur Osborne always knew that he would own a toy shop, and when he found the one in Lingondale for sale he decided to move his family, quit his job as a school teacher and settled down in the quiet town. His family loved the new place, as they were all quite adventurous, and Carol quickly started the first book club in Lingondale!
        Father Arthur
        Mother Carol        
        Brother Aidan        
        Sister Ava        
        Baby Brother Jason

I got the Osborne Bear family from my grandmother for my 22nd birthday. I have wanted to replace the Porridge bears with this Bear family as I find them a lot cuter.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

The Walnut Squirrel Family

Cedric and Melia Walnut meet grew up in Lingondale and knew from the very beginning that this was were they wanted to live. Cedric wants to get a library in town, as well as an archive. Hazel loves yellow and the spring, she loves drying leafs for scrapbooking memories, and Ralph loves playing with Winton.
        Father Cedric
        Mother Melia
        Sister Hazel
        Brother Ralph
        Baby Brother Ambrose

This Christmas I got little Ambrose in a swap from the lovely GSnail! He has missed his family I think, and on my birthday I got the Walnut's from my family! Haha! What a perfect gift! I love the squirrels, their tails are very cool and their outfits are very pretty. Perhaps a bit matchy-matchy but well.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

2 year anniversary - Iona Dale

Two years ago, I got the Dale Sheep family for my 20th birthday from a dear friend of mine. This past year I've been sadly connecting some sad emotions to my collection, but now it seems as if I can just see them as the objects they are and not bearer of my past life. C: I hope that this autumn and the next year, and many years to come, I'll be able to have lots of fun with these little critters! I got to remember to bring my camera out more often as well! :D

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Hello from the Country Clinic!

Wow, 2016 did not work out in the way I thought it would! Of course I decide that taking pictures in the months when I actually have natural sunlight is overrated, and when the autumn, with all it's obligations, come around I decide to get interested in my hobby again. I also had to dust it all so it might have been a bit of procrastination as well. ;)

Looking through my blog I realised that I never took any photos of the Country Clinic?  So, I thought, why not take some pictures of that? :)

The opening hours are fairly decent, but Dr. Periwinkle does not seem to be a fan to work during the weekend.

 The reception desk

Either you can measure or weigh yourself and get your eyes checked or... can have a dental-, auscultation appointment or a consultation.

Behind the reception there is some medicine, obviously no one in Lingondale, Sylvania get's too ill, but everyone has the flu from time to time.  

And when the patients come in they can fill out a little card...

... which conveniently has the opening hours on the back. 

And if they need their prescriptions, they can take it home with them in a bag. 

The waiting area with papers to read if one get's bored. (the clinic feels a little bit cramped, but I like all the details? If I had the pharmacy set I am not sure how I would manage to take any pictures though?) 

The doctor's desk with pills, syringes, thermometers and stethoscope. 

With a patient's card and a little pencil.

As promised, you actually can weigh and measure yourself.

The nurse cart is one of the most amazing things in the hospital series, it comes with the nurse if I am not mistaken? It's so very detailed and pretty. 

Completely crammed with stuff as well! I love, love, love those pills, but they seem huge. Hahaha!

Of course the drawers work, and more cold medication.

Overall I really like the clinic, but I do not want to use it that much and it is a bit cramped? It has working scissors and little pencils and casts and a wheelchair! It's very cute and I like it, even though the other hospital is pretty I am glad I got this one. It's a bit... colourful and pink though, but I love that colour of green and the rounded shape is very fun. So, I really need to take more photos of this! :)