Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Soft Serve Ice Cream Shop

Today, I should be writing on my essay for school, but I took a quick break to take some photos. I got this ice-cream set a couple of weeks ago. Sadly I have already lost a sticker for the soft-serve machine! Chocolate is missing! This is a terribly cute set, perfect for a market or perhaps just on the street. Now I want even more icecream things for my Sylvanians to enjoy on a hot summer day.

(By the way, I am amazed that one can pull the levers of the machine!)

The menu! I thought it felt weird to have it on top of the desk so I put it in front so all the little kids can choose what they want. :)

 (Don't they look delicious?!)

Adorable little piece!

Thank you for reading!
Have a nice Sunday! :)

Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Forest Nursery

Today I am sick so I decided to take some pictures of the Forest Nursery which I wallpapered this week as I can use tomorrow to study instead. I got this item way back in January the 26th but I have been busy with university and other things and not been able to take any pictures of it. 
It also helped that I bought a new camera yesterday! I really love the photos I can take with it, it's my first camera and I adore it!

I wasn't sure how I felt about the tree, just like on the Forest Tree School I think it looks a little bit to "magical" but honestly it looks very cute! I also like the pink details and I like it the most of the nurseries. Also one can see how I wallpapered over the window on top here!

Let's hope that all the parents in Lingondale remembers the picnic tomorrow! 
(also, you can see how I decorated the swing with some leftover stickers! XD)

My wallpaper skills are not great at all, and this one proved to be a challange with all it's nooks and crannies! I had a wallpaper for the "tree" too, but scrapped it. I decorated the piano with some stickers and then went sticker-crazy! I really love the stickers for this set.

I think I fell for the little stage when I first saw this nursery as A. I love theatre and B. One of my first acting memories come from my own nursery! So it's just the most perfect little thing to me!
(also I must add, isn't the play blocks that come with this set huge?)

The other corner and the little swing. I am not sure if I like it in the doorway of all places but it is a cute detail!

The super dangerous stare and slide! D: I get where they where going with it and it's probably fun to play with, but I would never let my (future) children up on something like that! D: But the stickers are cute!

I do love that the kindergarten is like a little school! We don't really have that in Sweden (or maybe we did... when I think about it!) and I like the little books and alphabets and all! :D

I just have to show off how shoddy the wallpapering is. But it's an awful cute wallpaper! D:

Thank you for looking!
I hope I will have the time to take more pictures soon, but next week I have another exam. At least I have Sylvanians to make me stress less!