Saturday, 17 September 2016

The Walnut Squirrel Family

Cedric and Melia Walnut meet grew up in Lingondale and knew from the very beginning that this was were they wanted to live. Cedric wants to get a library in town, as well as an archive. Hazel loves yellow and the spring, she loves drying leafs for scrapbooking memories, and Ralph loves playing with Winton.
        Father Cedric
        Mother Melia
        Sister Hazel
        Brother Ralph
        Baby Brother Ambrose

This Christmas I got little Ambrose in a swap from the lovely GSnail! He has missed his family I think, and on my birthday I got the Walnut's from my family! Haha! What a perfect gift! I love the squirrels, their tails are very cool and their outfits are very pretty. Perhaps a bit matchy-matchy but well.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

2 year anniversary - Iona Dale

Two years ago, I got the Dale Sheep family for my 20th birthday from a dear friend of mine. This past year I've been sadly connecting some sad emotions to my collection, but now it seems as if I can just see them as the objects they are and not bearer of my past life. C: I hope that this autumn and the next year, and many years to come, I'll be able to have lots of fun with these little critters! I got to remember to bring my camera out more often as well! :D