Sunday, 10 January 2016

Blog plans for 2016!

Happy new year! Or well, now it's already a new year and I've already made two new posts. But, I hope to be more creative with this blog in 2016. Therefore I've decided to do a photochallenge, every week I'll take a photo or do a photoshoot after a theme. I haven't yet decided what the themes will be but oh well! Here's to being creative!

Resolution: take a picture each week!
Let's start with a group pic of my critters!

And a cute close-up too!

See you next week! ♥

Sunday, 3 January 2016

The Lopez Chihuahua Family

Cesar and Conchita Lopez moved to Lingondale when their youngest child was born. Cesar runs a hot dog truck since he married his wife. Conchita loves making relishes and other things to go on the hot dogs, while the children don't mind tasting them!
        Father Cesar
        Mother Conchita
        Sister Laya
        Brother Pablo

I got another family from my girlfriend,S., the person who started this whole thing! I have other names for these cute dogs in private, named after her because I am cheesy. Isn't it the lovliest Christmas gift? ♥

The Outback Koala Family

Adelaide Outback loves children.She loves them so much that she wanted to start a kindergarten. She and her husband Gerald searched around for it and found the perfect setting in Lingondale. It was also close to Gerald's work, as he is a school teacher.
        Father Gerald
        Mother Adelaide
        Baby Sister Alice
        Baby Brother Clyde