Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Waterbrook Beaver Family

Andrew Woodbrook is the carpenter in Lingondale. He takes cares of everyones remodellings and new stores that have to be built, and if anyone have any problem they can come to him to any time at the day. His wife Aubrey likes to make and teach wickerweaving. On their freetime the Woodbrooks love to go camping!
        Father Andrew
        Mother Aubrey
        Sister Evelyn
        Baby Brother Ethan

This family is probably the cutest family I know. I love everything about them, absolutley everything! Ethan might be the cutest thing in the world.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Slydale Fox Family

Gilroy Slydale knows how to get a good deal. That's why he decided to co-ordinate all the Lingondale local suppliers and opened a supermarket in Lingondale where the citizens can get lots of reasonably priced grocery's in between the weekly markets!
        Father Gilroy
        Mother Ruby
        Brother Rufus
        Sister Scarlett

I really fell for Ruby's dress, and think that Gilroy looks like the perfect storekeeper. Sadly I their legs and arms are very hard to move, but they are adorable!

Sunday, 12 July 2015

The Springer Kangaroo Family

Bruce and Sheila Springer moved to Lingondale as newly weds where they bought a little cottage on Applewood Lane. Bruce immediately started up the cricket team that most of the males in Sylvania takes time in. Bruce works as a P.E. teacher at the Lingondale School as well.
        Father Bruce
        Mother Sheila
        Sister Joanne
        Baby Sister Josie

I bought this family at Toys'r'us again, but in November. They are just so adorable, and I love little Josie and how she sits in her mothers apron.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Porridge Bear Family

The Porridge Family has also lived in Lingondale, where Cuthbert's family has owned the little toyshop, for ages. Just recently the home business with Cuthbert making the toys in a little shed, became a top modern store, with a little play area for the children!
        Father Cuthbert
        Mother Lauren
        Brother James
        Sister Cornelia
        Baby Brother Theodore "Teddy"
        Baby Sister Henriette "Hetty"

I bought the Porridge family from Toys'r'us. It was first when I took this picture that I notice how big the childrens heads are! D: