Sunday, 13 December 2015

Sylvanian Lucia!

On the Sylvanian forum, bloem organized a swap, and not just any swap, but a Baby Ornament swap! I thought the idea was lovely, hanging your Sylvanians in your Christmas tree. I was paired up with the lovely bloem and since she said that she hoped that we could do this every year I decided to give her a little bit of a Swedish tradition. So I made her a Lucia!

I have never made anything in clay other than basic circles and I think it shows, but it looks good at a distance. The dress is painted because I can't sew at all! 

I am very happy about my wreath making, it's very easy to make, you just glue and dump glitter/grass on it and it turns out looking very cute!

Below is a little history of St. Lucia and how it's celebrated in Sweden from It is one of my favourite Christmas days. :)
The Lucia tradition can be traced back both to St Lucia of Syracuse, a martyr who died in 304, and to the Swedish legend of Lucia as Adam’s first wife. [...] In the old almanac, Lucia Night was the longest of the year. It was a dangerous night when supernatural beings were abroad and all animals could speak.
The real candles once used are now often battery-powered, but there is still a special atmosphere when the lights are dimmed and the sound of the children singing grows as they enter from an adjacent room.
 Merry Christmas all fellow Sylvanian collectors!

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Sylvanian Families Forum Baby Ornament Swap!

As my previous post said I just got a swap from GSnail, but there was another swap at the Sylvanian Families Forum! A Sylvanian Baby Ornament Swap. I thought this idea was really fun and I got the ornament today from the lovely Suvenkorento! Thank you so much, I will be sure to upload a picture of it when it hangs in my tree!

The package included some delicious (!!!) Fazer chocolates, who doesn't love Fazer?

Suvenkorento made me a card! It's absolutely adorable with a little skating hedgehog on it and a bell. It looks amazing!

Handmade and absolutely stunning! :)

 I am at loss for words how cut this little angel is! I had not thought about using a sleeping baby but the result is simply adorable, it surely looks like a little angel! She looks so serene.

Another shot from the front, the crotcheting is so cute and so very tiny. I love the details.

And from the back, I adore the tiny little button!

Thank you so much and merry Christmas!
Now I must go and write my essay! ;)

Sylvanian Families Forum Sock Swap!

I have participated in the Sylvanian Families Forum Christmas Sock Swap hosted by the lovely bloem. :) I had lots of fun putting together the swap for my partner and yesterday I got the things from my swap partner, GSnail! I absolutely loved everything, it was so thoughtful and sweet!

This wrapping paper is just adorable! I absolutely love it, and I was so excited opening it!

Inside there was an oven mitt! But just not any oven mitt, but one with Stephanie Clearwater's sweet face on it! I had said that she was my favourite Sylvanian, so it was so sweet of GSnail to do this!

(I forgot to take a picture of the outside, but it was very cool!) Look at the little doodle by GSnail, it looks amazing! (and it's a very sneaky thing, I didn't suspect anything at this point! XD)

The oven mitt was stuffed with things! All in the cute little wrappers! The candy was really delicious, one of tem had pecans and caramel and the other had mint, delicious and gone already! ^^

Say hello to little Ambrose! ❤  Isn't he just adorable?! I love him so much, thank you GSnail! I will work on getting him his family because he is a cutie that deserves it!

I also got these cool cookie cutters! I assume they are at least, because I have never seen anything like it, but if they are cookie cutters I adore them and will use them a lot! There are so many of them too!

I also got many little miniatures! They are all so lovely!

Here's what's in it! All is great size for Sylvanians, and the phone is so dainty, I think it looks better than the SF phone. I love the mirror, and the toaster too!

These jars are unbelievably cute though! ❤ 

And this food processor is wonderful too! :)

Thank you so much GSnail, I am so happy with all of these things. :)

Friday, 30 October 2015

The Tale of Trick-or-Treat and the Headless Mouse

Here comes a little Halloween tale! I love Halloween and got inspired by to do some wreaths earlier this month. I wish I had so many cute things I could create costumes for my critters, but well! I have been busy this month, with an exam and being ill,  and this thing took a week to shoot! XD The story is very picture heavy and maybe a little bit spooky as well!
Enjoy and happy Halloween!

"Children!" Mr. Springer said when the last class had ended. "Have you heart the tale of the Haunted Mansion?" he asked his class.

The children where all silent. Some of them, who had lived in Lingondale, had heard about the Haunted Mansion before. As well as it's inhabitant, the Headless Mouse.

"I have heard about it." little Iona Dale said.
"It's an old, old story." Mr. Springer said. "Dating back to when the mansion was first built."

"The Headless Mouse was not always headless, but he lost it because he was a bad man, it was his punishment." Mr. Springer said and dramatically turned his back against his students. "But when they brought his body back to be buried, weird things began to happen at the mansion!"

Mr. Springer took a pause. "Cookie jars went missing, one could hear strange sounds at night!" he said. The children sat completely quiet, capivated by Mr. Springer's story. Except for Joanne who felt very embarrassed. "No one have lived there for 200 years after what happened that one night..." Mr. Springer said.

He ended his story there and returned to the black board. "Will you go trick or treat tonight?" he asked his class. The girls nodded their heads, they had planned it all already. "It will be the first time!" Evelyn Waterbrook said and smiled. "Well, watch out for the Headless Mouse!" Mr. Springer said and laughed!

Friday, 23 October 2015

Little Baden Renard is visiting!

But I doubt he would appreciate I called him little! I recently bought a a house on eBay that came with a lot of things, and Baden was one of the few critters that was in a good condition. Actually he is in a great condition, his tail is smooth and his markings so intact, he is a cute guy! And just like the Porridge Bears he is up for trade! 

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Brick Oven Bakery Capsules "Review"

When I saw these capsules on the Sylvanian Families forum I knew that I had to have them. Food is definatively my weekness in the world of Sylvania, I think I want just about everything. So I bought them off eBay really quick and they arrived recently! I thought that I should do a little review of sorts. :) Mrs. Dale kindly offered her help to model the items!

The capsules themselves, all different colours and everything neatly packed inside. If Kinderegg start selling eggs with these sort of capsules I will become their biggest costumer!

We'll start with the pink one, the cooking set! It includes a rolling pin, a bowl, dough, a cookie cutter, a plate, rolled out dough, icing pen, a punched out cookie and three cookies. Quite a lot of it! I think the sat is really cute and most things fit very well with SF.

Except for the plate which is huge! Like really huge! It wouldn't fit into any home oven, but I think that it would have a chance in the bakery's oven. It looks fine with the critters though. :)

Next one is the blue capsule, the waffle set. It contains a rather big waffle iron, four kinds of waffles, a tong (not a thong as pointed out by Nutkin! Haha!) and a basket. One waffle had some chipped paint and I am not a big fan of the more artificially coloured waffles. I think just plain ones and chocolate would be enough. It's still adorable though!

Green is next with the danish set! As a Swede, danish pastries come with vanilla cream and icing, or chocolate! But I love this set. Everything is attached so there is only four items, three pastries, two sweet and one which I assume is savoury, a tong, a plastic bag and a big, big plate. It looks very out of proportion on it's own but works well with the critter. I got three of these plate with all the 6 capsules.

The plastic bag makes it really clear that the set isn't really compatible with SF, it's HUGE! It's the size of a child critter, and almost that of Barbara Dale! It's cute, but big!

The black one with the sandwich set is my favourite set together with the bagels set! It includes the big plate, a baking pan shaped as a bear, three bread pieces (only one has the painted face) and three kinds of toppings, but I am only sure of one of them: the salad and salmon. Haha! It's really tiny and versatile! Really cute!

The red one is another simple but cute! The eBay seller called it the drawing set, because it includes an icing pen and as you see the kitten has a pink face! The basket is really cute too! The set includes a basket, a plastic bag, a tong, an icing pen and three buns, one rabbit, one cat and one bear.

 The last one is the bagel set in the yellow capsule, which is absolutely gorgeous and the set with the most pieces! It has a tray, a plastic bag, three types of bread and three types of topping! There is a dark bread, a light bread with a "painted" bear, and a normal bagel. The toppings include jam (I think?) lettuce and cheese and lettuce and tomato! The variation is really big and you can have lots of fun with it!

Over all I really like these capsules and think they would look great in the Brick Oven Bakery, which I of course have to get now! ;) Thank you for looking! ♥

Friday, 25 September 2015

A perfect Friday

Here comes a story, I guess my first proper photo story, about the Slydale Family and how they spend their Friday evenings, which I think is quite similar how many other residents of Lingondale spend theirs as well! (also, the Slydales moved! ^^)

It was Friday evening in Lingondale and Gilroy Slydale was soon going to close the store. He, as well as his wife Ruby, absolutely loved Fridays. The last costumer of the day was Ewan Dale, who had picked up a pint of chocolate and the newspaper, and they couldn't help themselves but to have a little chat at the till. Ewan told him that this year the lingonberry harvest had been enormous and most likely they would have tons and tons of jam to sell to the grocery store, which Gilroy was very pleased with (and not only because a bigger quantity meant Ewan could charge him less!).

"Have a nice weekend, Ewan!" Gilroy called after the sheep as he was leaving the store. "You too! And give me a ring about the berries!" Ewan said before leaving.

Ruby came up to him, smiling. "So, closing time?" she said and Gilroy chuckled. The store would only be open between 10am and 2pm tomorrow, and Gilroy was looking forward to the weekend. "I will buy some things fore dinner before you sort the till." she told her husband.

She quickly picked out a few groceries. She was planning to make Gilroy's favourite food, and allthough she tried to be secretive, it was hard to be to a man that would ring her up. But Gilroy was sweet and always acted surprised, no matter what she bought.

"I think we should have a bottle of wine tonight." Gilroy said and Ruby agreed to him. They then rang everything up, Gilroy liked everything to be orderly in their store, and Ruby gave him a peck on the cheek as he was packing her bag.

Ruby waved goodbye to her husband. "I'll head home and start preparing dinner." she said merrily before hurrying away, catching the last bus of the day (on which she was nearly alone except for Mrs. Springer and her daughters, to whom she chatted with).

Gilroy did the inventory in peace and silence. He wanted to get home as soon as possible but wasn't in any hurry. He looked forward to a nice meal and evening with his wife and two children. "Chocolate wafers..." he noted up as things he would have to order.

Gilroy drove home to his home on Beechwood Drive 5, the front garden was still looking a little measly, they had just moved in, and it was really Ruby's area. The whole house was still in need of renovation, but right now it was good the way it was.

"Hello!" he said when he entered the house, and the kitchen, which smelled absolutely wonderful, which he was fast to tell his wife. "Rufus helped me." Ruby laughed

"We made kebabs and stew!" Rufus said. "I made the kebabs." he said and almost dropped the plate that his mum had asked him to get for him. "Yes, and they just got done!" Scarlett said. "Rufus go and tell your sister it's dinner." she said before putting down the tray on the oven.

"I really do love Fridays." Gilroy said when Rufus rushed up the stairs to get his sister. Ruby laughed and gave her husband a kiss before the children came and they had to begin plating the food.

They ate in the dining room. Gilroy poured up the wine for Ruby, and Rufus was told that he had to go and wash his hands before the dinner.

Once they had all settled down, they had a really fun dinner. It was not only very tasty, but it was also enjoyed with good company.

Scarlett told them about the English class she had had today, and how they had been assigned a book to read, but she had already read it, so Mr. Springer had given her another book. Rufus excitedly spoke about how he and his friends had spent the afternoon playing football.

Gilroy told them about the vast amount of lingonberries that grew in the forest, and probably blueberries too, and Ruby suggested that they should drive over to the Dale's tomorrow and buy a bucket to make some blueberry pie.

When it was all over, the children went to wash themselves and make themselves ready for the night, but they didn't have to brush their teeth just yet. The parents where struck with the dishes, but it went by very quick.

Ruby set up the table for a night in front of the television. The Sylvanian Show aired on Fridays and it was the favourite thing of the whole week for many critters, especially the children. Scarlett watched her mum from the stairs, waiting for the clock to turn 8pm.

"Can I borrow a pillow, mummy?" Rufus asked.
"Well of course, dearest." his mum said and smiled. Rufus hurried over to his favourite spot right in front of the television.

Gilroy cleared his throat as he stood himself in front of the television when it was just a couple minutes left. "Are everyone seated?" he asked and the children said an excited yes. He then ceremoniously turned on the television, which showed a picture of a clock slowly ticking. Too slowly, Rufus thought.

And then it began! Rufus almost couldn't sit still because of the excitement and Scarlett wiggled her feet to the theme song.

It was Rufus who was the most captivated with the show, and he sat with big eyes in front of the television and wished that one day that he could be on a television show, or play the world cup; on television.

They sat together in the dark, watching the television, laughed at the same jokes, enjoying the same performances. It was like watching a show in a theatre, but more intimate, Ruby thought. And that was why Ruby and Gilroy, and Rufus and Scarlett too, absolutely loved Fridays.