Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Dale Sheep Family

As I will be away from my collection during the summer, I wanted to keep this blog alive. So I decided to do a little "meet the families" introduction over the next few weeks as I will be away from the internet and the hobby as well for almost two months! Have a happy summer! :)

The Dale Family is the longest living family in Lingondale. They have owned Highfields farm for as long as it was built and are proudly producing most of Lingondale's groceries. It was a Dale family member that first made up the famous lingonberry jam, which gave the village it's name!
        Father Ewan
        Mother Barbara        
        Brother Winton        
        Sister Iona        
        Crawl Twin Shona        
        Sleeping Twin Sean

I got the Dale Sheep family for my 20th birthday from my best friend S. It was the first Sylvanian item I ever owned and the beginning of an obsession. Thank you so much S.!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Slydale Supermarket

A while ago, 4th of April, I bought and wallpapered the Supermarket. I have loved this building since I first saw it, it doesn't look like a supermarket at all, but a cute little store in a small village - perfect for Lingondale!
Now, I went a little bit picture-crazy with this store, which have to be one of my favourites (there are so many little bits and bobs!) so please beware if you chose to scroll down! It doesn't end! Hahaha!
What I really do love about this set is the versatility, there is even wine and beer! (although that might feel a little bit Transylvanian, as my friend S. call darker Sylvanian stories/pictures.)
Also, I am not sure if I like the wallpaper... it is a bit minty, and even if I love mint... I think that something more greener would be cuter? Hmm...
Well, enough babbling, on with the cavalcade of pictures!

Thank you for enduring my picture-dump!
Have a nice week! :)

Friday, 5 June 2015

Sylvanian Cuties!

Today I handed in an exam and decided to upload pictures of Sylvanian cuties: the babies!

 Henriette "Hetty" Porridge

Basil and Hemlock Buttercup 

Ethan Woodbrook

Josie Springer

Sean and Shona Dale