Saturday, 10 January 2015

The last class on a Friday...

It's the last class of the week. All of the children like school, but there is something about Fridays that make everyone a bit nervous and excited, barely able to concentrate on the different plant parts that Mr. Springer is trying to teach them.

Only Cornelia Porridge is still active, raising her hand, even though she is mostly thinking about how she and her mum are going to make scallop cookies when they get home. Winton Dale looks as if he life has run out of him, but his friend James Porridge tells the answer before his sister got the chance!

Joanne Springer pays attention to her father's class, but not even she is that interested, she really wants to go out and play now. Or perhaps play some game!

Finally the last class has ended and Mr. Springer lets the children go. Iona Dale waves him goodbye and Mr. Springer reminds her to do the homework before she goes out to play.

Bruce Springer remembers when he was a child and sat in the same classroom and anxiously awaited when the clock stroke 3 pm on Fridays, so he understands the children. He makes sure to go through the list to see so that he has marked everyone as there.

Then he puts up all the chairs on the desk so that the cleaning lady will be able to sweet the floors. He also cleans the blackboard and make sure that the classroom look nice before he leaves.

The last thing he does is to take some of the papers down from the notice board, to take with him to the recycling bin on his way home. But as soon as he get's home, he is going to get ready for the cricket game tomorrow, this week his team will win against Ewan Dale!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

New school and new arrivals in Lingondale!

Today I recieved the Country Tree School in the mail! :D I am very happy, it's a really lovely building! At first I wasn't sure if I really liked the tree, it makes it look a bit less real, but over a few months time I have learnt to love it! I also love that you can stack my favourite nursery on top of it... I think I might need to get the nursery soon! ;)
I also got the Springer Family, which I bought in Toys'R'Us! I honestly just love little Joey, and the family constellation is interesting! I have decided that Bruce Springer will be the Nature Sciences in the Forest School.

This post was actually posted on the 10th same month, but I want to keep a better reccord of when I get things! :)

Monday, 5 January 2015

Cuthbert Porridge's Toy Store

Here are some pictures from a few months ago when I had wallpapered the Toy Store! It lays at the square in Lingondale and every child loves to visit it and perhaps try out the new toys in the play area as their parents are looking at toys and making secret arrangements with Mr. Cuthbert Porridge, the owner of the store, to wrap and deliver a certain toy for a birthday party or Christmas!

Overview! I love this paper, but it was a tricky house to wallpaper!

But oh no! Little baby Emma is crawling up the slide! Luckily Cuthbert reacts to Barbara's shrieks!

Cornelia Porridge is showing the doll house to Iona Dale.

And Winton is a bit jealous of James car, he wished he had one too.

Every evening Cuthbert cleans the store every night, that is how he likes it, when it's clean and nice, but he likes the childrens laughs as well. He just wish that they where a bit more neat!

With a final touch to the shelfs, Cuthbert close the shop for the day!

Friday, 2 January 2015

The Decorated Applewood Cottage

So, it's been some time since I last updated! I have since gotten the Applewood Cottage and decorated it! It's not intended to be the home for the Dale family, but be used as a staple home for the residents in the suburban area, Applewood Lane! I am not the greatest wall-paperer, nor am I good at taking pictures but I think that these are rather cute and I feel pleased with how much I fit into the little house! :D

The parents bedroom

Children's bedroom

Kitchen and hallway

Dining area

Living room