Friday, 30 October 2015

The Tale of Trick-or-Treat and the Headless Mouse

Here comes a little Halloween tale! I love Halloween and got inspired by to do some wreaths earlier this month. I wish I had so many cute things I could create costumes for my critters, but well! I have been busy this month, with an exam and being ill,  and this thing took a week to shoot! XD The story is very picture heavy and maybe a little bit spooky as well!
Enjoy and happy Halloween!

"Children!" Mr. Springer said when the last class had ended. "Have you heart the tale of the Haunted Mansion?" he asked his class.

The children where all silent. Some of them, who had lived in Lingondale, had heard about the Haunted Mansion before. As well as it's inhabitant, the Headless Mouse.

"I have heard about it." little Iona Dale said.
"It's an old, old story." Mr. Springer said. "Dating back to when the mansion was first built."

"The Headless Mouse was not always headless, but he lost it because he was a bad man, it was his punishment." Mr. Springer said and dramatically turned his back against his students. "But when they brought his body back to be buried, weird things began to happen at the mansion!"

Mr. Springer took a pause. "Cookie jars went missing, one could hear strange sounds at night!" he said. The children sat completely quiet, capivated by Mr. Springer's story. Except for Joanne who felt very embarrassed. "No one have lived there for 200 years after what happened that one night..." Mr. Springer said.

He ended his story there and returned to the black board. "Will you go trick or treat tonight?" he asked his class. The girls nodded their heads, they had planned it all already. "It will be the first time!" Evelyn Waterbrook said and smiled. "Well, watch out for the Headless Mouse!" Mr. Springer said and laughed!

Friday, 23 October 2015

Little Baden Renard is visiting!

But I doubt he would appreciate I called him little! I recently bought a a house on eBay that came with a lot of things, and Baden was one of the few critters that was in a good condition. Actually he is in a great condition, his tail is smooth and his markings so intact, he is a cute guy! And just like the Porridge Bears he is up for trade! 

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Brick Oven Bakery Capsules "Review"

When I saw these capsules on the Sylvanian Families forum I knew that I had to have them. Food is definatively my weekness in the world of Sylvania, I think I want just about everything. So I bought them off eBay really quick and they arrived recently! I thought that I should do a little review of sorts. :) Mrs. Dale kindly offered her help to model the items!

The capsules themselves, all different colours and everything neatly packed inside. If Kinderegg start selling eggs with these sort of capsules I will become their biggest costumer!

We'll start with the pink one, the cooking set! It includes a rolling pin, a bowl, dough, a cookie cutter, a plate, rolled out dough, icing pen, a punched out cookie and three cookies. Quite a lot of it! I think the sat is really cute and most things fit very well with SF.

Except for the plate which is huge! Like really huge! It wouldn't fit into any home oven, but I think that it would have a chance in the bakery's oven. It looks fine with the critters though. :)

Next one is the blue capsule, the waffle set. It contains a rather big waffle iron, four kinds of waffles, a tong (not a thong as pointed out by Nutkin! Haha!) and a basket. One waffle had some chipped paint and I am not a big fan of the more artificially coloured waffles. I think just plain ones and chocolate would be enough. It's still adorable though!

Green is next with the danish set! As a Swede, danish pastries come with vanilla cream and icing, or chocolate! But I love this set. Everything is attached so there is only four items, three pastries, two sweet and one which I assume is savoury, a tong, a plastic bag and a big, big plate. It looks very out of proportion on it's own but works well with the critter. I got three of these plate with all the 6 capsules.

The plastic bag makes it really clear that the set isn't really compatible with SF, it's HUGE! It's the size of a child critter, and almost that of Barbara Dale! It's cute, but big!

The black one with the sandwich set is my favourite set together with the bagels set! It includes the big plate, a baking pan shaped as a bear, three bread pieces (only one has the painted face) and three kinds of toppings, but I am only sure of one of them: the salad and salmon. Haha! It's really tiny and versatile! Really cute!

The red one is another simple but cute! The eBay seller called it the drawing set, because it includes an icing pen and as you see the kitten has a pink face! The basket is really cute too! The set includes a basket, a plastic bag, a tong, an icing pen and three buns, one rabbit, one cat and one bear.

 The last one is the bagel set in the yellow capsule, which is absolutely gorgeous and the set with the most pieces! It has a tray, a plastic bag, three types of bread and three types of topping! There is a dark bread, a light bread with a "painted" bear, and a normal bagel. The toppings include jam (I think?) lettuce and cheese and lettuce and tomato! The variation is really big and you can have lots of fun with it!

Over all I really like these capsules and think they would look great in the Brick Oven Bakery, which I of course have to get now! ;) Thank you for looking! ♥